量身定制私邸生活方式 《Home Italia》报道中国设

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《Home Italia》近期的版面中刊载了一处位于杭州的会所作品,值得一提的是他采用了大篇幅的报道阐释这个中式会所。以全方位触角汇集全球家居与建筑领域最新设计的《Home Italia》,在国际上享有极高盛誉,如今却对一个中国人的作品推崇备至,不禁让人一窥究竟。

《Home Italia》 recently published an private club interior project in Hangzhou. A international media with high reputation in the world, collecting the most fashionable decoration and construction design over the world suprisingly have a greatest esteem for a Chinese interior program which makes people wondering.

我们的创造一定是基于业主的生活方式,根据他们的兴趣爱好、个人品质、气质,为他们量身定制高端私邸及会所项目。设计师王益民再次诉说着他的理念,他不遗余力的用创意去展现生活方式的同时,也输出了情感寄托的本质存在。会讲故事的空间,《Home Italia》总有几分偏爱。

Our creation must be based on the owner's lifestyle, customizing the supreme level of private residence design for them according to their interests, personal quality, and temperament. Designer Wang Yimin once again tells his idea, the way he creatively redefining owner's lifestyle is also a owners emotional annotation. The speaking space is always the certain preference for《Home Italia》

三秋桂子,十里荷花,诉说着杭州的悠远韵味,我们的故事也从这里开始。, tells the unique lasting appeal of simple and elegance of Hangzhou, and that is where our story starts.


There is a quiet and peaceful private lounge side of Qiantang River, surrounded by thickly greens. The owner, Mr.Chen is waiting for the guest. With the sound of the bell, Wang Yimin, the designer, and his team Speical arrived as agreed.


Mr. Chen is immersed in the lasting appeal of the ancient bell sound, with his traditional lifestyle. The initial concept was how to create the space approach to Mr.Chen's lifestyle, from style back to life requires to refine and integration


What can architecture brought to people? Building and living space serve to people, and customizing the lifestyle is the original intention and mission, which is Wang Yimin's answer.


According to Mr.Chen's requirements of gathering the reception, office and dinner as one space, designer Wang Yimin customized the concept of private board of directors with his original mind.

我们定制的空间是服务业主未来的十年,十五年,甚至二十年的成长空间去做的,追随的是一种心灵上的栖息。 Special团队根据项目实际的功能需求,将内部空间划分为上下两层。

'The purpose of our serve is targeting owners spiritual of inhabitation and growth future which last ten to twenty years.' Team Special according to the program functional needs, divide the interior space into two-layers.


The public space such as lobby, waiting area, dining space and kitchen in the first floor, which are used for reception and other external communication activities. And assemble hall and study room in the second floor for internal use.


In order to extend the original plain and traditional lasting appeal of the building to the interior, the interior design takes log and stone as the main materials, adopts the Chinese traditional deep brown as the main color, and embellishes the particular space with the red, yellow, blue and other precious bright colors exclusive to the ancient royal family.


Moreover, in order to echo the original window lattice, roof tile and wood structure, the antique floor tile and log floor are used indoors for the ancient cultural charm. The wooden grid dividing the space orderly into functional area, also put a multiple layering into voids and solids.


In the process of matching furniture and lamps, team Special starting from new Chinese style, to weaken the heaviness of traditional Chinese style for a fashionable and dignified board atmosphere. In the waiting area, the collaboration of upright cabinet with positive red paint and the new Ming style ring chair, which transferring the dullness cause of material and color into fashionable modern elegance and calm atmosphere.


When the owner, Mr.Chen joined the design team with his personal preference and professional dedication, and requirement. What he wanted was the furniture with traditional modeling spirit mix modern manufacturing and technology. Based on years of experience in customization of high-end private residences and clubs, the team Special, renew the deduction of household art work fits modern needs and traditional aesthetic orientation.


Through the deep communication between team Special China and Special Milan branch, the Milan team directly cooperates with the local top-level home furnishing factories by taking advantage of geographic position. Aim for customizes the whole house furnishing, with the creative furniture of traditional craft and innovative technology to realizes the full coordination, harmony and integration from architecture to interior, from hard to soft.


The meeting area in the first floor, the traditional landscape style cabinet mashup with the rococo style 'S' chair legs to create a magnificent fashionable furniture.


The back of the three seater sofa is made of traditional rattan, which complements the modern piano lacquer tea table. The silk upholstery on the sofa and the carpet laid at the foot all themed as the Oriental chrysanthemum, which conveys the sentiments of a literator and remote artistic conception.


The round table in the dining room using gold leaf joint, and we deepen the graphic pattern for the back of dinning chair. The concise and smooth lines describe a vivid spiritual atmosphere which also add a touch of composure given by the traditional meaning.


In the second floor, the modern geometric folding screen separates the conference hall from the study room, showing the beauty of Chinese style home design. And the antique artwork on the shelf inadvertently reflect the owner's profound cultural accomplishment and elegant taste.